Situational Awareness 2.0

A Unified Solution to Boost Awareness, Enhance Safety and Drive Efficiency

Around the world, nations, cities, and organisations use multiple, disparate information systems and technologies to understand what is happening on a daily basis and prepare for unique threats that evolve over time, including crime, vandalism, natural disaster, fire, terrorism, riots, traffic safety and more.

Our Situational Awareness and Intelligence System provides unprecedented visibility and insights to enhance security and safety efforts. By collecting Actionable Intelligence from any number of sensors, such as video surveillance, open source web intelligence, crowd sourcing, weather sensors, mobile location and more, decision makers are empowered to manage and respond to situations efficiently, share information easily with multiple agencies, keep their citizens safe and return to routine life much faster. And, by creating a single enterprise-wide view across disparate systems and technologies, Our Situational Awareness and Intelligence System improves your response time, lowers costs and increases operational efficiency.

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Situational Awareness Solutions

Our Situational Awareness and Intelligence combines data from multiple subsystems into one interface, enabling rapid, accurate and proactive response.  The comprehensive, scalable suite of video surveillance solutions delivers unprecedented security intelligence to help improve security responsiveness.  The digital multimedia systems enable advanced recording, retrieval, quality assurance and compliance capabilities ideal for public safety operations.