The nature of cyber security has changed. IBM’s 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index revealed that 55% of all attacks in 2014 were carried out by insiders, individuals with insider access to an organization’s systems, knowingly or by accident. The focus for today’s cyber security teams has switched from protecting against what’s outside to discovering what’s inside.

Perception™ quickly identifies activity caused by malicious behaviours, regardless of whether it’s a new threat, a novel technique, or a malicious insider. Perception is military-grade threat detection from Chemring Technology Services, capable of detecting threats that nothing else can.

Today’s security systems rely on some key assumptions that are fundamentally flawed. Firewalls are designed to keep anything malicious out of your network; however, it is unreasonable to expect this to be done perfectly. Most corporate networks have been compromised in some way, and IT professionals now work on the assumption that their networks are constantly at risk.

Endpoint security on the other hand requires previous knowledge of threats to identify malicious activity. This list-based and signature-based process has historically worked well, but threats are becoming more complex, and defeating endpoint security can be done with relative ease by a determined attacker.

The threat itself might not always originate from outside the network. Social Engineering is becoming a prevalent method for breaking into networks, and no endpoint security system will be able to identify an authorised user sending out sensitive data.

Our expert analysts monitor the deployed Perception™ sensors, identify what is truly malicious, and then alert your security team if something of concern is found on your network.Perception sensors are invisible to the network and impose no overhead.

The Perception™ service offers a defence grade security system, monitored by industry experts in a world class Security Operations Centre, for a fraction of the cost of running a monitoring service yourself.